Friday, May 29, 2015

"Chinese Invasion" Sydney, Australia

Rally against the Chinese real estate invasion!
Chinese buyers don't want your house,
they want the land

Australia is under attack from greedy foreign intruders who are rapidly acquiring Australian residential property pricing locals out of the market. Aussie battlers are being pushed to the fringes of our cities while foreign intruders are reaping the benefits of hard working previous generations. The price of housing in Sydney and Melbourne has skyrocketed crushing the dreams and aspirations of young Australian families who are increasingly dispossessed. The new dispossessed or forgotten people will one day be remembered as the ‘stolen generation’ priced out of the market by invading overseas Chinese colonising our suburbs and cities.

The Australian dream of owning a residential home is rapidly becoming a distant memory due to the drastic increase in mass third world immigration coupled with foreign ownership. Housing affordability has become a smashed due to foreign buyers snapping up property at our expense.

In particular Chinese foreign ownership of residential property and assets is pushing the Australian prospective homebuyer to the fringes of society living in compromised living arrangements competing against foreign forces invited here by the policies of the major political parties who ignore the plight and struggles of young families seeking to progress up the economic ladder.

Struggling & isolated Aussie families:

Australians are feeling alienated and isolated in areas once considered safe and cohesive. Not only are Australians becoming a ‘stolen generation’ due to being priced out of the housing market, our families and children are feeling a loss of identity and community.

The ‘Aussie Dream’ has been shattered due to the greed of government, foreign speculators and invaders who are colluding together to ethnically cleanse suburbs of Australian families. Many of these hard working families are now trapped in a rental cycle struggling to pay over-priced rents competing against foreign intruders.

Segregated Chinese ghettoes:

Over the past ten years, Australia’s Chinese born population has more than doubled having an obvious impact on housing, jobs and schools. Chinese immigration has created a parallel society with Chinese preferring to live in areas with large Chinese populations creating segregated ghettoes. Chinese are increasingly turning to Chinese speaking property agents who are more than obliging to contravene Australian foreign investment rules in the pursuit of greed and conquest.

Chinese nationals are Australia’s largest foreign buyers of residential property and farms with recent figures showing over 20% of new residential property in NSW and Victoria sold to foreign nationals but contrary to the lies perpetrated by real estate agents (pimps) and government officials, they’re not just buying expensive properties. New figures reveal that around 70% of all sales to foreign buyers were below the $1 million mark.

Housing Bubble to Burst:

Australia is experiencing its worst housing bubble ever having the most indebted housing sector per capita in the world. An insatiable Chinese appetite for limited residential property has created a debt bubble as local families increase borrowings in the hope of securing a home. National mortgage and household debt has skyrocketed to over $1.9 trillion making the US sub prime collapse look like a walk in the park when our housing bubble bursts.

In particular, the Sydney property market has reached new unsustainable highs with the median Sydney house price now standing at $914,000 smashing local home ownership rates and creating more unproductive debt.

Illegal Occupation:

According to the FIRB (Foreign Investment Review Board) foreign nationals are not allowed to purchase residential property yet China has become Australia’s biggest source of approved foreign investment after a $12.4 billion splurge on real estate last year. Fat cat Treasurer Joe Hockey said the new figures was evidence Australia was “once again, open for business”. Indeed, ‘open for racial replacement or genocide of the Australian people’.
Thousands of Australian homes have been illegally embezzled and occupied yet the FIRB enforcement of foreign investment rules has been virtually non-existent with only two residential real estate purchases rejected last year.

Treasonous Politicians:

A recent parliamentary committee confirmed that local buyers were being squeezed out of the residential property market by foreign investors, particularly from China. The review found there were serious gaps in the enforcement of foreign investment rules.
Never before have we witnessed such treason from our elected politicians who have remained largely silent while the Australian Dream slips further away from working families. The plight of struggling Australian families ethnically cleansed from their suburbs highlights the treason and preference that our self-serving politicians give to foreign intruders over locals.

Genocide Demographics:

The economic impact of foreign ownership coupled with large scale Chinese immigration means more Australian workers are being displaced. Chinese residential property ownership means more immigration resulting in increasing competition for diminishing affordable housing, scarce jobs and university places. The effect of this invasion is far reaching with locals being pushed to the fringes, competing against Chinese workers who are known to work for less resulting in fewer jobs for locals and their children.

Demography is destiny, and with the full support of the major parties, Australia is undergoing a drastic demographic change. Traditional Australians are becoming strangers in their own land with many of our suburbs being turned into third world ghettoes riddled with crime, social friction and impending real estate bubble collapse. Current trends indicate Australians will become a minority in their own land within the next 30 years if present invasion figures continue.

Party for Freedom is a grassroots patriotic political party that represents the forgotten people. We need your support on the 30th May in sending a strong message to the Chinese government and Chinese nationals that their residential property purchases (ownership) in Australia is not welcome.

Pls. bring Aussie flags, and placards expressing your opposition to Chinese nationals raiding the local residential property market.

    Where: Chinese Consulate,
                  39 Dunblane Street, Camperdown
    Date:     Saturday 30th May 2015
    Time:    12 noon to 2pm
    Meet:    Front of Chinese Consulate
    Info: Nick Folkes ph: 0417-679972
Donations for new placards:
Account: Party for Freedom Inc.
BSB number: 032 078
Account number: 656866
Bank: Westpac Bank

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